Performance Coaching

Train Smarter - Be PrePared - Enjoy the Process

With over 20 years of competitive racing, a decade of coaching experience, and graduate degrees in exercise physiology, biomechanics, and physical therapy, Jake is uniquely positioned to provide expert level advice to novice and elite runners who aspire to take their training to the next level.  

Clinical Performance Evaluation

This 60 minute evaluation will analyze gait, mobility, training schedule, and provide you with a home exercise program to improve strength and mobility deficits. The cost of evaluation also covers 1 month of scheduled training tailored to your goals. $175

Personalized Coaching Subscription

For the runner that is looking to have continued guidance as they prepare for their next goal, this 1:1 coaching service takes the guesswork out of training and provides an extra level of accountability. Once a training plan has been established, the athlete can follow up with Jake via email or text to get questions answered and receive feedback regarding workouts, race plans, race performances.  Training Peaks is the primary coaching platform with calendar. 

Customized Training Plans

A 4 to 12 week training cycle that fits your busy lifestyle and progressively guides you toward your goals. After an initial conversation regarding running history, previous injuries, and goal setting - a plan will be developed to set you up for success. This training plan will be specifically designed for you and avoid the common errors associated with generic cookie cutter programs. 







Train with precision and with a schedule that fits your lifestyle
*5% of all proceeds from personalized coaching will go towards the development of the Rider Track Club - an organization based in North Portland whose mission is to provide young athletes with access to sport in a positive and supportive community built to foster greatness.